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Petroleum Refining Rates of Injury & Illness Far Lower Than Other Sectors

Incidence Rate Per 100 Full-Time Employees


Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, comparison of the latest rates across various U.S. sectors, 2012

American refineries and petrochemical facilities continue to operate with the highest of safety and environmental standards. Working together, our members have redefined what workers, contractors and communities can expect in terms of safety performance and environmental health.

In fact, the most recent government data shows that petroleum refining has comparatively the lowest rate of job-related injuries and illnesses. AFPM data supports these findings and indicates more than a decades-long decline in injury and illness rates. Clearly, collaboration among AFPM members to share best practices and lessons learned through programs, technical conferences, meetings and benchmarking surveys is yielding dividends. However, no incident is acceptable and we continue to strive for zero.

Our members are also strongly committed to clean air, water and waste reduction and have an outstanding record of compliance with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and other regulatory bodies despite often conflicting regulations. AFPM member companies are proving that employee and environmental safety can remain front and center, even in work environments that often involve complex equipment, hazardous materials and highly intensive processes.