Re(de)fining America’s Energy Future

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The United States economic recovery is directly attributed to the expansion and success of the oil and natural gas industry. America’s oil and gas industry delivers about $85 million/day to the government in the form of federal income taxes, royalty payments and other fees.9 On Main Street, local economies are on the rebound with the expansion of jobs and the increase in tax payments to states, which have been used to support local transportation projects, environmental programs, public schools and economic development.

The oil and gas industry continues to play a vital role in supporting more than 9.8 million direct and indirect jobs.10 The refining and petrochemical industry offers careers with family-supporting wages and benefits. The average annual salary in the refining industry is $111,542 and in the chemical industry is $88,800. Meanwhile, the average wage in all industries is $62,063.11 Opportunities exist for individuals with a range of training and education levels, from skilled craft or business professionals to engineers and chemists and are detailed on AFPM’s workforce development website:

Energizing an Up-and-Coming Workforce

AFPM has teamed up with Edventure Partners to launch a nationwide, industry-education partnership program with the goal of encouraging young people to pursue careers in the fuel and petrochemical manufacturing sectors.

As part of their coursework, students at selected colleges and universities will develop and execute a strategic marketing campaign which:

This project allows millennials to design, plan and communicate to their peers and gain real-world marketing and learning experiences.

Top teams present their campaigns and compete for prizes in May 2015.

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