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Standing Committees

The AFPM Board of Directors relies on the counsel and support of experts among its membership to accomplish specific Association functions and plan for the Association’s future. There are 20 standing committees that serve to assist the Board in achieving AFPM’s goals.

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Issues Committee

The Issues Committee advises the Executive Committee and provides direction and guidance to AFPM staff on current policy issues important to the refining and petrochemical industries.
Chair: Lawrence Ziemba, Phillips 66
AFPM Secretary: Brendan Williams

Associate Steering Committee

The Associate Steering Committee provides a forum for the Association’s contractors, suppliers, vendors and consultants, to communicate with the Board of Directors on items of mutual interest and support.
Chair: Jeff Davis, Brock Group
AFPM Secretary: Susan Yashinskie

Communications Committee

The Communications Committee shares information, ideas and communications strategies to increase support by external audiences for policy positions established by the Executive Committee and adopted by the AFPM Board.
Chair: Jim Temple, Ergon, Inc.
AFPM Secretary: Diana Cronan

Environmental Committee

The Environmental Committee provides a forum for members to exchange views and discuss environmental activities and advises the AFPM Board and staff on current environmental laws/regulations.
Chair: Steve Moyer, HollyFrontier Corporation
AFPM Secretary: David Friedman

Fuels Committee

The Fuels Committee provides information and policy recommendations concerning legislative, regulatory and motor fuel specification developments.
Chair: Fred Walas, Marathon Petroleum Corporation
AFPM Secretary: Tim Hogan

Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee serves as the principal forum for sharing information, ideas and strategies on legislative and regulatory issues important to the refining and petrochemical industries.
Chair: Stephen Brown, Tesoro Corporation
AFPM Secretary: Geoff Moody

Legal Committee

The Legal Committee provides legal and litigation strategy recommendations to advance the interests of the Association membership.
Chair: Steven Schell, Chevron U.S.A. Inc.
AFPM Secretary: Rich Moskowitz

Labor Relations & Human Resources Committee

The Labor Relations & Human Resources Committee facilitates the exchange of information on matters related to industrial and labor relations, human resources practices and collective bargaining.
Chair: J. Mark Spencer, Hunt Refining Company
AFPM Secretary: Daniel Strachan

Lubricants & Waxes Committee

The Lubricants & Waxes Committee provides oversight and assistance on matters related to automotive oils, lubricants and waxes.
Chair: Janet Jordan, Masterank America Inc.
AFPM Secretary: Daniel Strachan

Waxes Subcommittee

The Waxes Subcommittee promotes the benefits of current and new wax uses and technologies to the marketplace as well as issues related to the safe handling transportation and specifications of petroleum wax.
Chair: Greg Vascik, HollyFrontier Corporation
AFPM Secretary: Daniel Strachan

Maintenance Committee

The Maintenance Committee promotes the exchange of technical information and proven practices on reliability, maintenance, inspection, procurement, project engineering and turnarounds.
Chair: Brad Hase, Flint Hills Resources, LP
AFPM Secretary: Gordon Robertson

Exhibitor Subcommittee

The Exhibitor Subcommittee provides overall support to the Reliability & Maintenance Conference exhibits by reviewing booth layouts and providing recommendations for continuous improvement of the show.
Chair: Tobie Craig, Turner Industries Group
AFPM Secretary: Helen Kutska

Manufacturing Committee

The Manufacturing Committee provides technical support and recommendations on matters that affect facility operations and products including federal, state and local laws and regulations.
Chair: James Stump, HollyFrontier Corporation
AFPM Secretary: Jeff Hazle

Petrochemical Committee

The Petrochemical Committee advises the AFPM Board and staff on current issues of importance to the petrochemical industry.
Chair: Richard Rennard, Arkema Inc.
AFPM Secretary: Melissa Hockstad

Petrochemical Statistics Subcommittee

The Petrochemical Statistics Subcommittee advises and assists the Petrochemical Committee and AFPM staff on matters pertaining to the collection and dissemination of statistics on petrochemical, including trade, production and inventories.
Chair: Paige Sommer, INEOS Olefins and Polymers USA
AFPM Secretary: Melissa Hockstad

Plant Automation & Decision Support Committee

The Plant Automation & Decision Support Committee focuses on sharing practical experience with the application management, and integration of computing technology in areas including process control and automation, modeling, real-time optimization and Internet-based applications.
Chair: Blake Larsen, Western Refining Company
AFPM Secretary: Daniel Strachan

Safety and Health Committee

The Safety and Health Committee provides a forum for members to exchange views and share occupational and process safety best practices and developments in safety related legislation and regulation.
Chair: Robert Bahr, Exxon Mobil Corporation
AFPM Secretary: Lara Swett

Industrial Hygiene Subcommittee

The Industrial Hygiene Subcommittee provides a forum for the exchange of information on industrial hygiene, regulatory and legislative trends and developments as well as other matters concerning industrial hygiene standards and practice.
Chair: Kurt Church, Sinclair Oil Corporation
AFPM Secretary: Daniel Strachan

Security Committee

The Security Committee solicits and assembles recommendations on security-related practices and policies, standards and guidelines, and regulatory and legislative trends and ensures recommendations receive consideration by appropriate governmental bodies, industry or trade groups.
Chair: Lance Boyer, BP
AFPM Secretary: Jeff Gunnulfsen

Cyber Security Subcommittee

The Cyber Security Subcommittee provides information and recommendations on matters pertaining to cyber security and cyber threats.
Chair: Jason Bottjen, Valero Energy Corporation
AFPM Secretary: Daniel Strachan