Re(de)fining America’s Energy Future

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AFPM’s Advocacy group combines the Government Relations, Regulatory Affairs, Petrochemicals, Legal, Communications and Outreach Departments to work together to inform, educate and advocate to external audiences on behalf of AFPM members.

The Government Relations Department communicates with members of Congress and their staffs.

The Regulatory Affairs Department represents AFPM member interests before federal regulatory agencies and the Executive branch.

The Petrochemical Department promotes the petrochemical industry interests with a focus on public policy issues impacting petrochemicals manufacturing, shale natural gas production and workforce development. This department is also responsible for the development of the International Petrochemical Conference and the petrochemical statistical reports.

The Legal Department provides support to all AFPM advocacy activities and advances AFPM’s advocacy agenda through the federal and state courts.

The Communications Department works with the news media to publicize AFPM positions and activities, writes material for AFPM’s website and produces other written material about AFPM.

The Outreach Department works with AFPM members and their employees, along with groups and individuals around the country that support and want to advocate AFPM’s positions to government officials and other stakeholders at the local, state and federal levels.