Re(de)fining America’s Energy Future

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A Message from the Chairman of the Board and the President of AFPM

America Has Experienced a 180° Shift in Its Energy Future During This Decade.

The United States has become the world’s top producer of oil and natural gas, a fact unfathomable just a few short years ago. We are now afforded the opportunity to redefine our nation’s role in the global energy market and what energy abundance means for all Americans. This includes the industries that use it to manufacture the products that make modern life possible; the resulting jobs and robust economy; and ultimately, the American consumer. Every day, every one of us benefits from the positive impacts American fuel and petrochemical manufacturers are having on a global, national and local level.


Our vast natural resources and the most technologically advanced refineries and petrochemical facilities in the world are redefining America as the most efficient and sophisticated manufacturers of the fuels and products the world demands. AFPM member companies are strengthening America’s position as a global partner, lessening reliance on unstable regimes and providing more consumer choices.


Our industry has provided the boost the nation needed to emerge from a deep recession. In 2015, American refiners and petrochemical manufacturers are investing more than $25 billion in the United States on capital and maintenance expenditures1 — keeping jobs at home, continuing to satisfy domestic fuel needs and solidifying the nation as a competitive manufacturing center.


AFPM members are helping local communities hard hit by previous economic cycles rebound by providing a wide range of jobs with family-supporting wages and benefits. With supportive policies in place, this wealth of career opportunities can reinvigorate Main Streets across the country.

The United States is fortunate to have a supply of energy resources that are abundant, efficient, readily accessible and affordable. Recognizing this new reality, our industry is combining changes in domestic energy production capabilities and global demand to position itself as an innovative, economic engine for America. Let’s work together to recast our views on our energy abundance, not scarcity. Let’s work together to develop regulatory programs that are environmentally sound, economically justifiable, and free market oriented that reflect this evolving energy landscape.

As you’ll read, our industry has always been able to redefine itself to respond to cyclical changes and new realities. We are confident that our industry’s ability to evolve, partnered with an equally innovative regulatory approach, will allow us all to continue our trajectory of growth and prosperity.


1. Industrial Info Resources Topline Market Spending Forecast. 2014 Q4 Edition [Back]